Expertise in Action

Ten Bridges’ impact and influence is visible city wide. The company is as well known for its inspired moves behind the blueprint as it is for its financial industriousness. Just ask fellow Portland real estate professionals: From business, zoning and lending innovations to savvy space planning and architectural excellence, Ten Bridges delivers value as part of whatever we do.

FINANCIAL INNOVATION – Purchasing Properties in FDIC Receivership

After the failure of Silver Falls Bank, Ten Bridges was able to negotiate the purchase of the remaining debt on a number of properties that the FDIC held in receivership. Demian Heald was the first individual in the United States to enlist the FDIC Department of the Ombudsman to assist with this type of negotiation.

CONDOMINIUM CONVERSION – Marianna Condominiums – Downtown, Portland State University

The style and size of the units made this 1918 downtown apartment building an ideal opportunity for a condo conversion. Ten Bridges, along with OV River Group partners, immediately sold out all of the units in spite of a plummeting real estate market.

CONDOMINIUM CONSTRUCTION – SUMthing‐New Condominiums – Portland, Oregon

Sustainability, exceptional design and finishes brought this brand new condo project praise from architects, media and city officials. The project headlined the 11XDesign architectural tour of Portland homes. All units sold out in 2009.

DESIGN EFFICIENCY – Mixed use – Portland, Oregon “Belmont District”

Ten Bridges reclaimed one of Portland’s urban core vacant lots. Along with the partners at SUM Design Studios, the company made smart and efficient use of this small and awkward lot by planning to develop fifteen apartments with ground floor retail that will improve the area, be a prototype for efficient city living and meet demand for smaller, less expensive housing. METRO has pledged a $100,000 grant for the project.

Belmont – Lender Book_April2013

CHANGE OF USE – Couch House – Portland, Oregon “Nob Hill, Couch Addition”

Once a single family home, the vacant property had recently been used by a church as both a school and quarters for it’s priest. Seeing its true, hidden potential, Ten Bridges acquired the property and reinvented it as an apartment building. When we resold it, the building sold one hour after being listed. As initiated by Ten Bridges, this building is currently being submitted to the National Registry of Historic Homes.

LAND USE – Broadway Project – Portland, Oregon “Portland State University”

Ten Bridges saw a unique opportunity for redistricting several pieces of adjacent land in its portfolio. By petitioning to include them in the Urban Renewal Expansion Area, the properties could be re-imagined as 200 unit apartment/student housing facility adjacent to Portland State University, and qualify for special loans. It is currently under evaluation by the Mayor and other local officials.

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