The Ten Bridges touch is easily identifiable. Look for smart locations, architectural distinction and investors who are seeing their investments pay off. Our vision of providing value to Portland – while delivering profitability to partners – is evident in everything we do.

Ten Bridges is immersed in the local political tides and has block-by-block knowledge of zoning laws, development codes, and market nuances. Sourcing, redeveloping and repurposing overlooked properties is done with an innate awareness and confidence.

Ten Bridges has become experts in navigating foreclosure law and the auction process in the Pacific Northwest. This is complicated, time consuming, and inefficient to act on. We create processes that give us significant advantages over most anyone looking to buy distressed property.

Our Founder’s lifetime experience in the Portland real estate market has forged a network of local architects, brokers, law firms, lenders, builders, community leaders and officials who all share the passion for seeing Portland thrive.

At Ten Bridges, we treat our investors with the same transparent and considerate approach that we take toward all our business. We pride ourselves on our fiduciary duty toward those who entrust us with their wealth. Ten Bridges has raised capital for investment into individual properties, and also on a commingled fund basis.