Ten bridges and Portland

We have a true and rich passion for the city of Portland. Taking care of the city by nurturing and guiding its growth – instead of opening her streets and neighborhoods to random development – is our mission and pleasure. This passion for Portland is the reason the company was formed and the foundation beneath the advantages that Ten Bridges brings to investors.

A lifelong Portlander himself, our company president, Demian Heald, has a great love for – and amazing understanding of – the city. The son of a carpenter-turned-architect, Demian developed a unique admiration for the city’s landscape and needs. He grew up in the heart of the Inner East Side, which became an extension of his back yard, as did the rest of Portland’s urban core. He knows the streets, architecture, attitudes and subtle differences that define its eclectic neighborhoods. Today, Demian continues to cherish and explore all four corners of the city. He has become a recognized champion of – and key player in – Portland’s unique community culture. It’s his keen understanding of and passion for Portland that gives Ten Bridges an edge in finding and developing promising properties and enhancing Portland’s distinct personality, while offering rewarding investment opportunities.

A lifetime of relationships


Taking a pro-active interest in Portland’s future, we’ve established collegial relationships with city and local businesses, community partners and stakeholders. These relationships inform our decisions so Ten Bridges can stay sensitive to community demand and vigilantly align its strategies with city planning objectives. Our relationships have helped us to build a longstanding reputation of conducting business with ethics and integrity. These relationships allow us to shape deals for optimal mutual reward and minimal financial risk – the ultimate test of sound real estate investment.

Financial stability


Our history of successful projects in and around Portland is attributable to selectively acquiring and precisely investing in areas that we intensely research and explore in markets we have innately mastered. Ten Bridges is a well-capitalized business with strong borrowing practices. We’re accustomed to creating and managing sophisticated real estate investments with multiple working parts and compressed timeframes. We keep track of each facet of the deal from beginning to end. This is a strength that Ten Bridges has cultivated in the marketplace over many years. We not only rely on it, we cherish it.

Hands-on stewardship


Ten Bridges is intimately involved in all project facets, including acquisition, funding, design, construction, management and finally sales. This attention to detail gives Ten Bridges greater control over development budgets and critical time-to-market decisions. Ten Bridges’ hands-on project stewardship keeps an eye on the details while maintaining big-picture perspective. The goal is to leave nothing to chance and to remove unanticipated risk for its investing partners.

The complete vision


Vision is a rare quality. It is the ability to see things before they materialize. More rare is the ability to foresee a trend, envision a project and then actually implement what is required to make it a reality. This elusive quality of complete vision is, ultimately, what makes us tick at Ten Bridges.

We find exceptional properties, even some that may not look promising at first, and know what to do with them. We also know how to embrace the financial, aesthetic and logistical elements while navigating through community and city objectives as a project moves forward. Finally, because we’re sensitive to each investor’s primary objective, we know how to articulate and craft deals that result in responsive exit strategies, reliable profit projections and on-time payout and disbursement schedules.